Downtown Homelessness

A project to digitize homlessness counts from the Downtown San Diego Partnership

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Counting Downtown San Diego Homeless

For the last 7 years, the Downtown San Diego Partnership has been conducting monthly counts of homeless in the Downtown neighborhood. The data is recorded on paper maps, which are compiled into a spreadsheet. This is a fantastic dataset which would be even more useful if the hand-recorded paper maps were digitized.

This project involves collecting and digitizing 5 years of the monthly maps, to produce a geographic dataset, whcih we will analyze for time trends and for the association between homless movements, geography and the built environment.

The data has been collected and organized, and now we need volunteers to georeference the maps and digitize them to produce gepgraphic datasets that we can combine into a single dataset.

Here is one of the maps that we will digitize:

example map

This project will involve:

When the project is complete, we will have a monthly, geographically precise accounting for the 500 to 1000 homeless people in the Downtown neighborhood, about 20% of all unsheltered homeless in the county.

All of the maps for this project are online in Google Drive

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